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Grant Laboratory Equipment »

       Grant Laboratory Equipment
Applications-Specific Equipment (8)
Inspissator, bath gerber butyrometer, transportable incubator, automatic copenhagen bath seed germinations, temperature gradient plate
Centrifuge & Combined Vortex Mixers (2)
Combined centrifuge vortex mixers PCV-2400, PCV-3000, General purpose low speed LMC-3000
Cryopreservation Equipment (1)
The world’s first nitrogen and cryogen free controlled rate freezer. Unlike conventional equipment, no contamination risk
Dry Block - Cooling & Heating (1)
Ideal for laboratory applications requiring cooling and heating in microtubes within the temperature range of -10 to +100°C
Dry Block - Heating (6)
BTD dry block heater, BTA block heater, Prima Series block heater, Analogue block heater, QBT digital block heater, BT5D high temperature block heater
Refrigerated Bath & Circulator (7)
Refrigerated temperature control is essential for many laboratory and industrial applications
Shaking Water Bath (3)
OLS200 shaking bath combines linear and orbital shaking with excellent temperature control.
Stirred Thermostatic Bath & Circulator (8)
A cost-effective range of multi-purpose systems combining Grant’s legendary quality
Ultrasonic Bath (2)
Grant XB and MXB ultrasonic baths offer the performance and reliability to meet the demand of many scientific & industrial applications
Unstirred Water Bath (4)
Grant unstirred water baths are ideal for a wide variety of routine laboratory applications
Densitometer (1)
Optical measurement instruments - DEN-1 tube densitometer for measuring turbidity of cell suspensions
Microplate Apparatus and Equipment (6)
Microplate shakers and thermoshakers, Dry block heaters for microplates
Optima™ digital immersion thermostats (4)
A choice of four digital immersion thermostats with different levels of sophistication to cover the simplest to the most complex applications.
Rotators and Rockers (5)
Platform rockers - fixed and variable tilt, 3D platform rotators - fixed and variable tilt, Multi-function rotators - 3D and 360° vertical
Shakers, Stirrers and Mixers (6)
Orbital shaker, Microplate shaker, Stirrers - magnetic and overhead, Vortex mixers
Shaking Incubator (1)
Versatile programmable bench-top shaker-incubator for mixing and incubating biological fluids, samples, cell cultures and tissues
Thermoshaker (5)
For microplates PHMP, For microtubes PHMT
UV Cabinets, DNA/RNA (2)
Single benchtop, general purpose, Double PCR workstation

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