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Appearance (2)
Wavescan DOI Micro-wave-scan
Sheen Abrasion (3)
Wet Abrasion Scrub Tester
Taber Abraser
Linear Abraser
Sheen Adhesion (3)
Instruments used to test the bonding strength of a variety of coatings materials and adhesives.
Sheen Coating Thickness (12)
Ecotest, Paint inspection gauge, Minitest-Stat, Quintsonic, Minitest, Pentest, Microtest, Exacto, Microtest 7 Digital.
Sheen Colour - Hand Held (1)
The Micromatch Plus combines the accuracy, power and capabilities of a spectrophotometer with quick and simple operation.
Sheen Colour - Liquid (5)
Colour Comparator 3000
Colour Comparator 2000 Series
Automatic Colorimeter PFX 195
Lico 100/400 Liquid Colorimeter
Sheen Colour - Visual (2)
Colour Comparison Cabinets Colour Charts RAL
Sheen Corrosion Control (6)
FOGmaster-cyclic Corrosion Cabinets, FOGmaster Humidity Corrosion Cabinets, FOGmaster - Salt Spray Cabinets, Payne Permeability Cup, Pinhole / Holiday Detertors.
Sheen Dispersion (1)
This New laboratory disperser has been designed to give maximum efficiency and flexibility when blending multi-component formulations.
Sheen Environmental Monitoring (6)
Tools for Environmental Monitoring pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, TDS Meter, Thermometer
Sheen Film Application (8)
Automatic Film Applicators, Pneumatic Panel Sprayers, Bar Applicators, Cube Film Applicators, four sided Applicator, Multifilm Applicator Sagging Tester, Adjustable Film Applicators, etc.
Sheen Gloss Meter (7)
Glossmeter - NEW, Minigloss, Trimicrogloss Plus µ, Bench Glossmeter, Microgloss, and Retroreflectometer Z1013
Sheen Graphic Arts - Densitometry (3)
Colour Reflection Densitometer
Transmission Densitometer
Plate Dot Plate
Sheen Moisture Measurement (7)
All products for Moisture Measurement can see at Protimeter's page. Click Here
Sheen Opacity (3)
Black and White Cryptometer
Hiding Power Charts
Sheen Process Control (2)
A range of instruments used to simulate and measure process conditions.
Sheen Specific Gravity, Density (3)
Instruments used to determine the specific gravity of a number of paints and similar materials.
Sheen Viscosity (9)
Cone and Plate Viscometer, Digital Rotothinner, Krebs Viscometer, Flow cups, Autovisc Flow Cup Timer, Calibration Oils, Flow Cup Stands, Viscometer ..New!!
Pin Hole & Porosity (0)
A range of instruments used to detect for pinholes and flaws in a coating
Sheen Deformation (4)
Instruments used to test the flexibility of a coating to withstand physical effects such as bending and elongation.
Sheen Drying Time (1)
Instruments used to check the drying time of many paints and coatings.
Sheen Fineness Of Grind (1)
Instruments used to determine the particle size of raw materials used in the production of coatings.
Sheen Hardness (6)
A variety of instruments used to test the hardness of a range of different materials and coatings.
Sheen Transparency, Haze & Clarity (0)
A range of instruments used to measure the optical properties of transparent materials such as plastic films/sheets and glass panels.

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