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       ATAGO Digital Hand-Held Refractometer Special Scale

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Seawater meter PAL-Fish Tank

This model is for measuring the salinity in sea water. The only model in the world adopt the titanium is an electrode. It is resistant to scratches and has much durability.   Specifications  Model  : PAL-Fish Tank Cat, No. : 4121 Range : Salinity 0.0 to 45.0 %o Minimum Scale : 0.1 %o Accuracy    : ±2.0 ... more


Digital Hand-held

The high resolution of 0.01% makes the PAL-AntiRust ideal for measuring lowconcentration solutions, such as corrosion inhibitor fluids. Specifcations  Model : PAL-AntiRust Cat No : 4537 Scale : AntiRust Range : 0.00 to 25.00% Accuracy : ±0.10% Temperature compensation : 10 to ... more

Digital Hand-Held "Pocket" Refractometer (Special Scale)

Now we have released 80 new scales of Digital Hand-Held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL series!! You can select whichever scale you want for your application and sample. Please contact us for more details. About measurement value Refractometers measure the concentration of all dissolved solids in a solution. For example, the PAL-34S Ethyl Alcohol ... more

Digital Hand-held

NEW PAL Series, PAL-Pâtissier debut for pâtissiers. PAL-Pâtissier has dual scale of Brix and Baume, this is ideal refractometer for cooking sweets. Wide range of 0.0-85.0 Brix can be measured. Model PAL-Pâtissier Cat.No. 4508 Measurement Range Brix 0.0 to 85.0 % Baume (sugar) 0 to 45° ... more

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL-Plato

The PAL-Plato is designed for breweries to measure the specific gravity of sweet wort in degrees Plato. Advantages of the PAL-Plato include : Two buttons for easy operation, an LCD screen for objective readings, and Automatic Temperature Compensation up to 75ºC (212ºF)! Additionally, taking measurements with the PAL-Plato only requires a few ... more

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Condiment Meter PAL-98S

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Condiment Meter PAL-98S is ideal for measuring the concentration of various condiments. Use it to measure soy sauce, ketchup, marinades, curry and many other sauces. Finding the relationship between the actual taste and the measurement value using the PAL-98S will help any chef ensure the best ... more

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Cutting Oil Meter PAL-102S

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Cutting Oil Meter PAL-102S is designed for controlling the concentration of cutting oils. This is most suitable for the measurement of the percent dilution and controlling the percent concentration of hydraulic oil and cleaning liquid. Cutting oil, molding lubricant and rust resistance liquid ... more

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL-Urea

The PAL-Urea is specifically designed to measure the Urea concentration of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), also known as AdBlue* in Europe. Already proven in Europe as the only reliable, go-to instrument for easy and accurate checks, the PAL-Urea is now available in North America in time for new 2010 EPA regulations on diesel emissions. ... more

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