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Q-Fog Cyclic Corrosion Tester (1)
Q-Fog corrosion tester provides the best possible lab simulation of natural corrosion with a more realistic salt spray.
Q-Lab Weathering Research Service (2)
Contract test facility specializing in environmental exposure tests to determine materials' durability when subject to the forces of weathering and corrosion.
Q-Panel Brand Test Panels (1)
Standardized Steel & Aluminum Substrates for Testing Coatings, Adhesives & Rust Inhibitors. Test substrates from Q-Panel Lab Products minimize metal variability as a source of bias in critical tests.
Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber (5)
The Q-SUN tests materials for photostability by exposing them to UV, visible and IR light. It uses filtered xenon arc light for the ultimate correlation to the full spectrum of sunlight.
QCT Condensation Tester (1)
Since 1965 the QCT Cleveland Condensation Tester has been recognized as the standard for condensation testing. It is useful for conducting fast, yet realistic blister tests using controlled warm condensation applied to the test surface
QUV Weathering Tester (1)
The QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. The QUV tests materials by exposing them to alternating cycles of light and moisture at controlled, elevated temperatures.

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