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Model H100KS

The H100kS Materials Testing Machine is designed to test a wide spectrum of materials including : metals, composites, plastics, rubber, textiles, wire, timber, adhesives, finished components, etc., in tension, compression, flexure or shear. With advanced technology and quality engineering, Tinius Olsen has produced a machine that is accurate and ... more

Model H100KT

The H100kT is designed for use in laboratory and factory environments for research and/or quality control. Using the H100kT, it is possible to perform mechanical and physical tests quickly and easily on materials such as metals, composites, wire, rods, geotextiles, tapes, belts, fixings, timber, plyboard, electronic components, packaging systems, ... more

LoCap Series

The Tinius Olsen LoCap gives you the ultimate in durability, speed, convenience, accuracy and ease-of-use. Its precision interchangeable straingage load cells let you quickly change the machine capability from as little as 0.02 lbf up to the maximum of the frame capacity. The heavy duty, rugged structure of the LoCap load frame and screws make it ... more

Electomatic IV Series

150kN, 300kN, 600kN, 1000kN, & 1500kN Electomatic UTM

Unlike conventional testing machines that provide maximum weighing and indicating accuracy only when loads are centrally applied, the Electomatic IV series provides exceptional accuracy even with eccentric loading. One of the keys to its unique off-center loading is Tinius ... more


Building on our long history of providing solutions to an enormous variety of testing problems, Tinius Olsen offers a comprehensive range of software products, each designed to make testing simple, precise and efficient, no matter whether the material is metal, paper, composite, polymer, rubber, textile or micro components. Tinius Olsen software ... more

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