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Memmert Celsius Software (1)
More convenient, More functions, Free of Charge
Memmert CO2- Incubators (1)
The rapid development in "biotechnology“ requires appliances which can keep pace with it.
Memmert Compressor Cooled Incubator (1)
Incubating, Drying, Storing, Quality Control in the Industry
Memmert Incubators (3)
Highly sensitive, Extremely accurate Incubator
Memmert MEMory Card XL (1)
an improvement by 30 kB so that a proper documentation can be made for 338 days (!) with 30-minutes protocole cycle
Memmert Oil Baths (1)
High Temperature Heating Bath with the medium Oil
Memmert Peltier-Cooled Incubators (1)
Low Vibration, an Incubator that is nearly noiseless
Memmert Sterilisers (4)
Sterilization instead of Disinfection. A Hot-air sterilizer protects and saves lives in medicine
Memmert Universal Oven (1)
Precise Drying, Heating, Ageing, Burn-in, Hardening in Research, Science, Industry and Quality Assurance
Memmert Vacuum Oven (1)
To Handle heat-sensitive or oxygen-sensitive substances and materials with unparalleled gentleness when drying.
Memmert Water Baths (1)
A Heating bath with state of the art comfort and the highest degree of safety
Memmert Climatic Testing Chamber (1)
Climatic Testing Chamber / Temperature Test Chamber

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