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Film Applicators and Accessories (4)
TG19 Logicator, Blade Type Applicators, Wire type Applicator, Vacuum Plate, Drawdown Plates, Non-Stick Inter-Leaf Paper, Paint-Out Starter Kit.
Metal Panels for Bakeable Coatings (2)
Metopac (Metal) Panels
Metal Panel Accessories
Paper-Testing Ink & Printing Ink Test Sheets (2)
Printing Ink Drawdown Sheets, Printing Testing Ink
Sag and Leveling Test Charts & Applicators (2)
Anti-Sag Meter
Laveling Test Blade & Standard
Scrub Resistance Test Panel and Accessories (2)
Srub Test Panel
ASTM Scrub & Staining Media
Sealed Charts and Cards for Coatings Tests (10)
Opacity Charts, Penopac Charts, Display Charts, Opacity Display Charts, Checkboard Charts, Spreading Rate Charts, Duplex Aplicator Charts, Brushout Charts, Plain White Charts & Cards, Plain Black Charts
Special Substrates for Coatings Tests (11)
Release Charts, Gray Scale Charts, Wall Matte Charts, Spray Strips, Spray Monitors, Birchwood, Upson Board, Polyester, Aluminium Charts, Glass, Release Paper, Wax & Polish
Unsealed Charts for Coatings Tests (1)
For Test Applications of Clear Coatings and Stains

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High-performance ultrasound

Specially designed ultrasonic transducer systems transform electric energy into mechanical vibrations. These are transmitted into the cleaning liquid. In this process, tiny vacuum bubbles the size of micrometres are created which implode with high velocity (cavitation). The highly energetic flows (jets) created by cavitation thoroughly remove all ... more

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