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Lamotte Aquaculture and Fish Farming (37)
Individual Test Kits, Instrumentation, Sampling Equipment, Fresh Water Test Kits, Salt Water Test Kits, Electronic Aquaculture Lab.
Lamotte Food & Baverage (7)
Custom Test Kits, Individual Test Kits, Intrumentation, Food Sanitizer Kits, Reagent Refills
Lamotte General Industrial-Boiling and Cooling Water (5)
Water Testing For Industrial/Boiling & Cooling Water
Lamotte Individual Test Kits (3)
Insta-Test Test Strip, BART and A to Z Individual Test Kits
Lamotte Instrumentation (35)
Tri-meter, Spectrophotometer, COD Analysis, Absorbance Colorimeter, Portable Turbidity Meter, pH meter, pH Buffer, condictivity solutions, D.O. Meter etc.
Lamotte Microbiological Testing (5)
ColiQuant EZ & MF, Bacteria Test Kits, Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART), Coliform Test kits
Lamotte Pool And Spa Water (20)
Products for the Home Pool & Spa Owner, Retailer and Professional
Lamotte Potable & Wastewater (9)
Custom Test Kit Service in the industry, Instrumentation, General Water Analysis, Industrial Water Analysis, Reagent Refills, etc.
Lamotte Reagent Refills (1)
Chemical Reagents for re order
Lamotte Residential & Commercial Drinking Water (3)
Test Kits and Instrumentation for Residential & Commercial Drinking Water.
Lamotte Sanitation & Laundry Products (2)
Laundry outfits, Instrumentations, Reagent etc
Lamotte Soil Testing (31)
Our line of soil test equipment has expanded from simple spot-plate pH kits to encompass laboratory instrumentation outfits packaged in portable carrying cases.

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Cutting Mill SM 100

Retsch SM 100 cutting mills reduce soft, medium-hard, brittle, elastic and fibrous materials quickly and gently. They are particularly suitable for preliminary grinding of dry materials such as plant parts, plastics, fodder, spices and drugs, lignite, paper, cardboard, etc. Long-fiber goods such as straw and large-volume items such as plastic cups ... more

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