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Lamotte Aquaculture and Fish Farming (37)
Individual Test Kits, Instrumentation, Sampling Equipment, Fresh Water Test Kits, Salt Water Test Kits, Electronic Aquaculture Lab.
Lamotte Food & Baverage (7)
Custom Test Kits, Individual Test Kits, Intrumentation, Food Sanitizer Kits, Reagent Refills
Lamotte General Industrial-Boiling and Cooling Water (5)
Water Testing For Industrial/Boiling & Cooling Water
Lamotte Individual Test Kits (3)
Insta-Test Test Strip, BART and A to Z Individual Test Kits
Lamotte Instrumentation (35)
Tri-meter, Spectrophotometer, COD Analysis, Absorbance Colorimeter, Portable Turbidity Meter, pH meter, pH Buffer, condictivity solutions, D.O. Meter etc.
Lamotte Microbiological Testing (5)
ColiQuant EZ & MF, Bacteria Test Kits, Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART), Coliform Test kits
Lamotte Pool And Spa Water (20)
Products for the Home Pool & Spa Owner, Retailer and Professional
Lamotte Potable & Wastewater (9)
Custom Test Kit Service in the industry, Instrumentation, General Water Analysis, Industrial Water Analysis, Reagent Refills, etc.
Lamotte Reagent Refills (1)
Chemical Reagents for re order
Lamotte Residential & Commercial Drinking Water (3)
Test Kits and Instrumentation for Residential & Commercial Drinking Water.
Lamotte Sanitation & Laundry Products (2)
Laundry outfits, Instrumentations, Reagent etc
Lamotte Soil Testing (31)
Our line of soil test equipment has expanded from simple spot-plate pH kits to encompass laboratory instrumentation outfits packaged in portable carrying cases.

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