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Frontier™ Acela Fume Hoods

Introducing Esco Frontier Acela the world class laboratory fume hood design platform with patents and compliance to prove it. Precisely tuned aerodynamics, outstanding user safety, total systems and design flexibility, energy-efficiency, aesthetics and ergonomics- all supported by Esco's solutions-based sales and service representatives in ... more

Frontier™ Duo Fume Hoods

The Esco Frontier Duo Fume Hood offers a solution representing design and engineering innovations that are at the forefront of fume hood technology, providing superior containment of noxious chemical fumes at a broad range of face velocities while addressing worker comfort through ergonomic design. Work zone baffles and aerodynamic airfoil are ... more

Frontier™ Mono Fume Hoods

Laboratory Fume Hoods are one of the most important devices used to protect laboratory personnel from exposure to hazardous chemicals and agents used in the laboratory. Esco Frontier Mono Fume Hoods are an effective primary containment device to protect laboratory workers from exposure to chemical fumes and vapors. Key Benefits: ASHRAE ... more

Fume Hood Exhaust Blower

The Esco Exhaust Blower is specifically designed for corrosive fume hood applications. Its plastic impeller and casing are highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion. Explosion-proof option is also available. Key Benefits: PP Casing and Impeller Highly corrosion resistant AMCA 210-85 compliant ISO 5801 ... more

Fume Scrubber for Fume Hood

Esco's Fume Scrubber provides excellent air pollution control for water soluble chemicals present in the laboratory fume hood exhaust fumes. In recent years there has been increased emphasis on laboratory operator safety and also environmental concerns like environmental health and protection. Governments respond by setting stricter rules to ... more

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WasteWater Lab

This self-contained laboratory includes a one liter plastic Imhoff Cone with support stand and polycarbonate settleometer for measuring settleability. Critical pH measurements are performed with the pH 5, digital pH meter. A maintenance free, gel-filled combination electrode, and three pH buffers (4.00, 7.00, 10.00) are provided. The Wastewater ... more

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