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       Biotechnology Equipment ESCO
ESCO Animal Handling Cabinet (3)
Esco Animal Handling Workstation provides an ISO Class 3 sterile clean area for animal handling and cage changing operations.
ESCO Class II Safety Cabinet (6)
A combination of cost-effectiveness and optimum performance/safety. Two HEPA filters (99.99% at 0.3 microns) provide operator / environment protection and Class 100 (US Fed Std 209E) product protection.
ESCO Class III Biohazard Safety Cabinet (1)
The new international standard in biohazard safety cabinetry performance and safety. For applications requiring only the ultimate in performance and containment.
ESCO Custom Product (1)
Esco possesses a wealth of experience in the engineering and design of customized clean air and containment cabinets.
ESCO Cytotoxic Cabinet (1)
The main feature of this modified cabinet is the installation of an ULPA filter immediately below the work surface.
ESCO Ergonomic Accessories (1)
The following ergonomic accessories are also available at an option to enhance your experience with our cabinets.
ESCO Formalin Vaporizer (1)
The Esco Formalin Vaporizer is a microprocessor-controlled unit that simplifies and automates the decontamination process for all sizes and makes of biohazard safety cabinets.
ESCO Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet (3)
Esco Airstream® Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet Esco Airstream® Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet - Stainless Steel Version (AHS) Esco Labculture® Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet
ESCO IVF Cabinet (1)
Esco IVF Cabinet
ESCO PCR Cabinet (2)
Esco® PCR cabinets are designed specifically for polymerese chain reaction (PCR) applications.
ESCO Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet (3)
Esco Airstream® Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet Esco Labculture® Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet
ESCO Weighing Cabinet (1)
For applications when protection against hazardous powders is required during the weighing process, Esco offers the following cabinets that may be specially modified for this application.
Options & Accessories (1)
In addition to the Ergonomic Accessories available from Esco, the following optional accessories are available from Esco as Retrofit Kit(TM) systems

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