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Caustic Testing Kit

for Caustic Soda

This simple, single-reagent dropper pipet kit measures caustic soda for cleaning dairy bottles, cans, storage tanks, etc. Reagents for 50 tests. Kit uses neutralization test method. Dilution step permits measurement of two ranges: 0.25%/drop caustic soda by weight 0.01%/drop sodium oxide Item ... more

Chlorine Testing Kits

Chlorine: Free, combined, and total chlorine may be determined using DPD with either colorimetric or titrimetric methods. These determinations are generally limited to concentrations of 0–10 ppm, although the FAS titration can test higher concentrations with the addition of more DPD indicator. Higher concentrations require the iodometric ... more

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide: A modification of the DPD colorimetric method, which uses glycine to eliminate free chlorine interference. Order Code/Model Test System Range/Sensitivity # of Tests (# Reagents) Shipping Code (Weight/lbs) 3592 LP-64 Octet Comparator with Axial Reader 0.02, 0.04, 0.060.02, 0.04, 0.06, ... more

Peracetic Acid/Hydrogen Peroxide

Peracetic Acid/Hydrogen Peroxide: This test is a combination of two separate titrations. The first is a cerium titration of peroxide. The second is an iodometric titration of peracetic acid. Order Code/Model Test System Range/Sensitivity # of Tests (# Reagents) Shipping Code (Weight/lbs) 7191-01 Dropper ... more

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Hygrometer pen 8709

READ TEMP / RH SIMULTANEOUSLY CAPACITANCE POLYMER SENSOR! HOLD / MIN / MAX FEATURES MOST ACCURATE RH PEN ON THE MARKET KIT INCLUDES CAL STANDARDS & CASE ! Features General use to measure environment Temperature and Relative Humidity Capacitance humidity sensor Data Hold freezes the Values Easy to switch unit between oC / oF ... more

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