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High speed refrigerated micro centrifuge KITMAN-T24

Equipped with a newly developed "W-Memory Program" , the KITMAN is a highly reliable workhorse in biological research laboratories. TOMY’s newest high speed refrigerated micro centrifuge, the "KITMAN" is equipped with a unique program operation function for a continuous run of any two memories coupled in series.This function meets the ... more

High Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge MX-305/205/105

16,000 rpm, max capacity 50 ml

    Full Lineup of the TOMY MX-Series Centrifuge that combines high performance for research applications and simplicity of use! Product features MX-305 Flagship of the MX-Series, capable of accepting 50ml conical tubes Accommodates all TOMY Rack-in-Rotors ; ... more

High Speed Bench-top Micro Centrifuge KINTARO

Compact yet powerful centrifuge has amaximum speed of 15,000rpm and provides quick acceleration. Model KINTARO-18 KINTARO-24 Rotor(accessory included) TMP-1 TMP-2 Maximum Speed 15,000rpm 13,500rpm Maximum RCF 17,860G 17,730G Maximum Capacity 18 x 2ml 24 x 2ml Acceleration ... more

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Biogas Determination & Determination of the Respiration Rate

Biogas Determination Determination of anaerobic degradation processes : Biogas determination OxiTop® Control AN6 / AN12 Anaerobic degradation processes take place in the absence of oxygen. In order to be able to fill the gas space above the sample with inert gas the measuring bottle has a septum sealed nozzle. When anaerobic degradation has ... more

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