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GRANT Data Acquisition (9)
Grant Instruments supplies Squirrel data loggers, sensors and probes for industrial and research applications.
Grant Laboratory Equipment (72)
A wide range of products for heating and cooling and sample handling in the laboratory. Universal Water Bath, Boiling Bath, Stirred & Unstirred Bath, Immerson Thermostats, High & Low temperature bath, etc.

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Technical Data Model 1200 & 1200 UDV

Specifications: Instrument Type: Single wavelength, absorbance colorimeter Measurement Wavelengths: 420nm, 460nm, 510nm, 530nm, 570nm, or 605nm Readable Resolution: 0.01 Absorbance Unit Photometric Precision: ±0.001 Absorbance Unit Range: 0-2.00 Absorbance ... more

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