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Salinity Refractometer

Hand-held salinity refractometer with easy-to-read specific gravity (SG) and salinity (0/00) scales. Designed specifically for rapid, accurate salinity determinations, requiring only a drop of sample. Fully automatic temperature compensation over the range of 10° to 30°C. Includes padded carrying pouch. Item Description Order ... more


Precision specific gravity hydrometer for salinity measurement. Glass with scale graduated in divisions of 0.0005 from 1.0000 to 1.0700 Specific Gravity (SG); for salinity measurement from 0.0 to 43.6 ppt. Each unit checked against NIST certified standard and supplied in a plastic tube. Includes table to convert reading to salinity in parts per ... more

Plankton Nets

Cone-shaped nets of 10 mesh, 153 micron nylon cloth. Minute plankton are collected and can be observed in the removable, clear conical graduated tube attached at the end of the net. Two tubes are provided. The net mouth is braced by a sturdy stainless steel ring and harness. Item Description Order Code 15" (38.1cm) tall, 5" ... more

Armored Thermometer

A precision, NON-MERCURY thermometer, furnished in a protective plastic jacket with window opening. Engraved graduations on white tubing increase readability over the full range of -5° to 45°C in 0.5° increments. Item Description Order ... more

Secchi Disks

Used to determine turbidity or degree of visibility in natural waters. The weighted 20 cm diameter disk has a braided stretch-resistant line that is marked every half meter and at every meter up to 20 meters.   Item Description Order Code Disk w/ black & white quadrants & calibrated ... more

Water Sampler

A one-liter sampler of clear acrylic furnished with a 20 meter calibrated line and a lead collar which assures rapid descent and minimal drift. A brass messenger triggers a release mechanism to seal the sample chamber with two fitted rubber plungers at the desired sampling depth. The built-in side outlet and flexible tube allows for removal of the ... more

Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature Sampler & Sounding Lead & Calibrated Line

Dissolved Oxygen/Temperature Sampler Collects samples at specific depths. Ideal for the collection of dissolved oxygen samples. When trip line is pulled, dissolved oxygen sample bottle will fill, overflow and flush more than three times to insure a representative sample. During retrieval, decreasing water pressure prevents exchange of air and ... more

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Soil Sampler • Model GC-1

Rugged brass auger designed for sampling turfgrass soil, greenhouse soils, or wherever a small core size is desirable; p inch diameter, 6 inch depth (1 x 15 cm). Brass handle doubles as a plunger for core removal.   Item Description Order Code Soil Sampler • Coring Tube, 3 ft (1 m) 1016 Soil Sampler ... more

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