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       Lamotte Aquaculture and Fish Farming
COD Heater Block (1)
Perfect for COD, Total Phosphorus, & Total Nitrogen
Dissolved Oxygen Meter (1)
Model DO-4000
Hydrometer & Cylinder (1)
Hydrometer Precision specific gravity hydrometer for salinity measurement
LaMotte 5 Series Economical Field Meters (2)
An outstanding lineup of instruments for measuring pH, Conductivity, and TDS
pH Buffer Solutions (1)
For use in calibration of pH meters
pH PLUS Direct (2)
The pH PLUS DIRECT uses a microprocessor to put laboratory precision into a portable water-resistant design
Salinity Refractometer (1)
Hand-held salinity refractometer with dual specific gravity and part per thousand (0/00) scales
SMART 2 Colorimeter & Reagent System (2)
Direct reading colorimeter for complete on-site water analyses
SMART Spectro Spectrophotometer & Reagent System (4)
A portable spectrophotometer that is easier to use and more accurate than anything in its price range
Tracer PockeTester (1)
Ideal for almost any water analysis application
Turbidity Meter 2020 (1)
New standard for laboratory accuracy in an extremely compact, portable instrument for turbidity measurement
Waterproof PockeTesters (4)
Ideal for almost any water analysis application. The WATERPROOF pH PockeTesters float and can be intermittently submerged to a depth of 3 feet.

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DipCell Series

Key Features: A wide range chlorine DipCell measures Chlorine from 0.5-10 ppm. Carrying case is compact and rugged. Liquid DPD and Phenol Red are offered in large volumes to do 144 or 288 tests. Color-coded instructions and reagents simplify analysis. Separate titration tubes for Alkalinity and Hardness prevents cleaning pH cell before each ... more

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