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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Units (4)
The cleaning tasks in the industrial sector are becoming more and more complicated. The items that have to be cleaned are getting smaller and smaller, and the degree of cleanness that is required is getting higher and higher. This is where ELMA comes into
Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit (11)
Today, the latest technology for cleaning tasks is cleaning by ultrasonic activity. The special advantage are perfect cleaning results in the quickest possible time; no additional work necessary and no damage to the cleaning items.
Other Ultrasonic Cleaning Units (4)
Multi-frequency units, cleaning units for aqueous or flammable solutions: these form one of the main ELMA business sectors. Our range of industrial ultrasonic units allows a large variety of possibilties, particularly for bigger cleaning tasks.
Cleaning Media (1)
Elma lab clean series: cleaning chemicals for the laboratory

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