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Lamotte Aquaculture and Fish Farming »

       Lamotte Aquaculture and Fish Farming
Electronic Aquaculture Lab (1)
Model SCL-08 Aquaculture Lab
Fresh Water Aquaculture Outfits (3)
Model AQ2 & AQ3
Individual Test Kits (1)
Individual Test Kits for Aquaculture & Fish Farming
Instrumentation (21)
Instrumentation for Aquaculture & Fish Farming
Salt Water Aquaculture Test Kits (2)
Model AQ-4, AQ-5 and AQ-1
Sampling Equipment (7)
Water Sampling Equipmnet
Test Factor (1)
Proper control of water quality is an essential part of any successful aquaculture operation.
Test Method (1)
LaMotte individual water test kits come supplied with pre-calibrated test tubes and labware to give fast, accurate results.

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