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Model 1200 & 1200 UDV

Absorbance Colorimeters

The versatile 1200 Series of single wavelength colorimeters now comes with the capability to display readings directly in absorbance units. Six different wavelengths are available, with two sample vial options, to provide maximum flexibility for your analytical procedures. Microprocessor control and advanced ... more

Technical Data Model 1200 & 1200 UDV

Specifications: Instrument Type: Single wavelength, absorbance colorimeter Measurement Wavelengths: 420nm, 460nm, 510nm, 530nm, 570nm, or 605nm Readable Resolution: 0.01 Absorbance Unit Photometric Precision: ±0.001 Absorbance Unit Range: 0-2.00 Absorbance ... more

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Special Substrates - Clear Polyester

Clear Polyester This clear film can be used as a substrate for the application of a coating and viewed for transmitted appearance properties including color, gloss and transparency, or placed over a black and white background for evaluation of hiding power. In addition, it is used as an overlay to protect a drawdown after drying, without ... more

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