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LaMotte 5 Series Meters

An outstanding lineup of instruments for measuring pH, Conductivity, and TDS.

Microprocessors have enabled meter manufacturers to combanie many feature into smaller designs with better accuracy. The 5 Series meters are good examples (see Specification below). All meters include electrode and temperature probes, and are available with ... more

Technical Data 5 Series Meters

Specifications: Model pH 5 (pH) pH 5 (Temperature) CON 5 Meter (Conductivity) TDS 5 Meter (TDS) CON 5 & TDS 5 Meters (Temperature) Order Code w/out case 5-0034 with case 5-0035 w/out case 5-0038 with case 5-0039 w/out case 5-0036 with case 5-0037 Range: 0.00 to ... more

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Wet Abrasion Scrub Testers

These machines provide an accelerated method for determining the wear resistance of surface coatings and materials as well as testing the performance of cleaning compounds. The samples are prepared on card, metal, glass or plastic panels and a pair of brushes or sponges ( suitably dosed with liquid reagent) are swept back and forth across them. ... more

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