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COD Colorimeter

COD Plus Meter

The user-friendly COD PLUS Colorimeter is direct reading for on-site water analyses. It features pre-programmed tests, automatic wavelength selection, menu-driven operation, and large display screens Pre-Programmed Tests Test Factor Range ppm Ammonia Nitrogen (LR), Fresh 0-1.0 Ammonia ... more

Technical Data COD Colorimeter

COD Plus Meter

Specifications: Light Source: LED/filter setup at 430nm and 620nm Detector: Photodiode Display: 122x32 LCD, 16x4 line graphics display Range: 0-125%T Resolution: 1% FS Accuracy: 2% FS CE Mark: Yes Sample Cell: 25 mm round cell, 10 mm square cuvette, 16mm ... more

Multi-Range COD Reagent Systems

Measure low, medium, or high levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand using your choice of mercury (USEPA approved method) or non-mercury reagent systems. Twenty-five ready to use vials are provided in a fully protected shipping box to meet the demands of today's serious analysts LaMotte Company introduces the most precise way to measure critical COD ... more

COD Heater Block

Perfect for COD, Total Phosphorus, & Total Nitrogen

Accurate Temperature Control Digital microprocessor control Centigrade/Fahrenheit control Temperature setting from 30 to 200°C Temperature stability ±0.1°C Temperature uniformity ±0.1°C Temperature accuracy ±0.1°C Easy ... more

Technical Data Heater Blocks

Specifications: Temperature Range 30 to 200°C Temperature Stability ±0.1°C @ 100°C Temperature Uniformity ±0.1°C @ 100°C Temperature Accuracy ±0.1°C @ 100°C Temperature Controller Microprocessor Temperature Controller Mode Digital Heat Up Speed From ... more

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Standardized pH Buffer Solutions

For use in calibration of pH meters. Ordering information for all buffers is listed below.   pH Value Size Order Code 4.00 120 mL 500 mL 2866-J 2866-L 4.01 120 mL 500 mL 2807-J 2807-L 6.86 120 mL 500 mL 2808-J 2808-L 7.00 120 mL 500 mL 2881-J ... more

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