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SMART 2 Colorimeter

The user-friendly SMART2 Colorimeter is the direct reading colorimeter for complete on-site water analyses. All of the 50 pre-programmed tests can be run on this compact instrument and each test features automatic wavelength selection. The entire multi-LED optical system is embedded in the light chamber and optimized for LaMotte test reagent ... more

Technical Data

Specifications: Light Source: LED/filter setup at 430nm, 520nm, 570nm, 620nm Detector: Photodiode Display: 122x32 LCD, 16x4 line graphics display Range: -2 to 2 Absorbance Units (AU) Resolution: 1% FS Accuracy: 2% FS CE Mark: Yes Sample Cell: 25 mm round cell, 10 mm square cuvette, ... more

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